My statement on the prank

NOTE: I have attempted to contact CNN to apologize and offer to help in anyway I can. I received this response.

NOTE: I have been contacted by WebMaster, Incorporated regarding my statements about their ConferenceRoom product. I have corrected my statement and indicated that my statements about ConferenceRoom are based on my evaluation of the incident, and have posted their letter here. They also sent a second letter discussing the technical issues in detail, which I have posted here.

I got my first hatemail. This is my response.

Well, months later I finally bothered to record a couple of the half hour worth of messages I got in one day

Funny stuff about the prank:

If you know of any news stories about the prank, please email links or copies of the story to me. News stories about the prank I know of include

I've made a few media appearances now, too:

We also have two logs of the prank:

Figz has a separate site up with additional links

I can be reached at

If you want to get an early start on ordering your "Free Wankel!" shirts and hats, a friend of mine does great work...